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Does your air conditioning unit make a slamming noise when shutting off? That might happen from time to time. While it might be hard for you to determine the main reason behind it, an experienced AC repair technician can easily diagnose the cause of this problem. Your air conditioner should operate silently, and its noise indicates an underlying problem. Therefore, whenever you notice that your air conditioner is making noise, enlist the help of a technician to inspect and fix it. The loud slamming noises from your unit can come from your indoor or outdoor unit. Below are the main reasons why your air conditioning unit is producing the loud slamming sound and how a technician can help you resolve them to ensure you have a serene home.

Air Filters Slamming Against Return Grille

Do you have return grilles at your Paradise Valley, AZ home? Most homes feature them. They are installed on the ceilings of various homes. The warm air will enter through the grille openings through a filter before the air conditioner cools it. The air filters can sometimes be sucked up to the upper side of its metallic enclosure when your air conditioning system is sucking in hot air. Whenever the air conditioner shuts off to stop pulling in the air, its filters may drop on the grille, resulting in a slamming noise. Whenever you experience this, you should call an AC repair technician to inspect and repair it. The slamming of the air filters against the return grill is usually because of the following:

Efficient Air Filters

Do you use HEPA filters or filters having a high MERV rating? If the air filters installed in your air ducts are highly efficient, you’ll have great indoor air quality because they can trap contaminants from the air. However, they may restrict the airflow passing through them as they quickly get clogged with dirt and debris. It is recommended that an AC repair company replace your air filters more frequently rather than downgrade your filter’s efficiency. Using less efficient air filters to prevent the noises? Then use it alongside an air scrubber that will catch all the airborne contaminants without any restriction to the airflow.

Undersized Return Duct

Are your return air ducts too small for your heating and cooling system? The speed of the conditioned air moving through the air ducts may be unusually faster. The strong air currents can add air filters to the air ducts and rapidly drop them when the air conditioner turns off. Whenever you experience this with your air ducts, you should call a technician to assess the problem and determine whether the air ducts require modifications.

A Closing Damper

Some air conditioners have dampers that direct airflow to certain sections of your home. The slamming noises you hear when you turn off your air conditioner may be dampers closing. Is this slamming distracting? Enlist an AC repair professional to inspect the HVAC dampers to ensure they are correctly working.

Air Ducts Contracting

Due to the sheet metal ductwork found in most Paradise Valley, AZ homes expanding and contracting due to variations in temperature and pressure, you could hear slamming noises. Certain homeowners sometimes refer to the sounds as “popping” noises. A certain sound level is all right, but if you frequently hear loud noises, have your ducting inspected by an AC repair technician. They need to be sufficiently reinforced and proportioned for the volume of air that passes through them daily.

Blower Fan Problems

The blower fan in your indoor unit might be malfunctioning. It draws warm air into the cooling system to be pushed throughout your house. The blower wheel may bang against the metal casing due to its mounts becoming looser with time. When the fan decelerates in the air conditioning unit shutdown process, the blower wheel becomes unbalanced if the mount is not properly supported. Check the AC blower wheel assembly with an AC repair technician, and secure any loose connections. The mounts might require replacement or repair.

Outdoor AC Unit’s Noises

When you stand by the side of the outdoor unit of your air conditioner when it turns off, do you hear it make a loud banging sound like an object hitting a wall? If you hear a slamming noise outside your house, the HVAC system likely has a loose outdoor fan or broken compressor springs. Have a technician come over for an inspection and repair.

Broken Compressor Springs

The exterior unit of an air conditioner contains the compressor, an essential component. It circulates the chemical that cools the air in your house between the indoor air conditioning unit and the pump. Both the compressor and the refrigerant pump are enclosed in an airtight seal. Support springs are used to mount this refrigerant pump. When a spring snaps, the pump can no longer support itself and slams into the compressor’s case, making a loud banging noise. To eliminate the noise, you’ll need the assistance of an AC repair technician. Replacement of the tightly-sealed compressor is usually always required for compressor repairs. Most homeowners, especially if the HVAC compressor is still covered by warranty, choose to replace their complete AC systems instead.

Loose Outdoor Fan

Like the indoor unit, the outdoor AC unit has a fan to dissipate heat that your air conditioner absorbs outside. Due to normal wear and tear, the mounting on this fan may also become loose, which could cause it to bang against other components and make loud noises. The exterior fan assembly has to be inspected by an AC repair technician to ensure it is securely fastened and operating as intended.

Have you noticed that your AC unit is slamming when you turn it off? You should call an AC repair technician in Paradise Valley, AZ to inspect it. Contact us at One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Phoenix for reputable AC services.

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