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Are you a property owner looking to install a ventilation system at your home or commercial space? The air conditioner repair company can install the demand-driven ventilation system. Such a system gives property owners appropriate fresh air and enhances indoor air quality. You can achieve energy savings with solid airflow management, including demand control ventilation, if there’s a minimal need for ventilation, and this can happen at any time. If you are doing an activity that results in indoor air pollution, like furniture or plumbing renovations, more ventilation is required to remove the pollutants. Other activities which could impact indoor air quality include painting, sweeping, and smoking.

What is Demand Control Ventilation?

Demand-controlled ventilation or DCV refers to a process designed for reprogramming or readjusting the ventilation settings within your building depending on the increasing and reducing the number of occupants. DCV systems can reduce ventilation and intensify it during off-peak hours. This process saves homeowners a lot of energy. These systems also can sense the quality of your indoor air. If it becomes polluted, the DCV system will pump enough fresh air from the heating and air conditioning system into the building.

Benefits of Demand Control Ventilation

Below are the main benefits of hiring an experienced air conditioner repair technician to install a demand-controlled ventilation system.

Energy Savings

Demand control ventilation systems are more efficient when it comes to energy use. You can reduce energy use by a maximum of 40% and a minimum of about 10% per year by installing one by an experienced air conditioner repair technician in your home. However, it is worth noting that the energy-saving values depend on the occupancy rate. Traditional systems are usually mechanical. Hence, they cannot be connected to smart HVAC and building management systems (BMS).

Unfortunately, this results in a higher operational cost. Newer heating and air conditioning systems use variable air volume (VAV) and variable frequency drive (VFD) systems. The DVCs push the HVAC performance further because they are automated, meaning the system recognizes this intelligently whenever the conditions are favorable. Therefore, it switches to a slower speed, reducing the airflow in cfm.

Lowers Maintenance Costs

Demand control ventilators are designed for efficiency in several ways besides energy consumption. In turn, this lowers the maintenance costs and even extends the service life of your system. Do you have a traditional ventilation system? It would be best to have a professional air conditioner repair technician replace it with a DCV. The older systems use more power and require more servicing costs.

Superior Indoor Air Quality (IAQ)

Installing a DCV will undoubtedly be a game-changer when it comes to indoor air quality. These systems enhance indoor air quality. DCVs work effortlessly, providing you with better air quality always. It ensures that everyone in an indoor setting is comfortable. An improperly ventilated space’s toxic elements include pollen, chemical fumes, allergens, dust, and volatile organic compounds. Besides these, airborne illnesses can be transmitted easily in poorly ventilated areas. All of the above will contribute to a highly polluted indoor space. Fortunately, you can have your reliable air conditioner repair technician install a demand control ventilation system which can address this by allowing more fresh air into your home and the contaminated stale air outside.

Smart Automated Action

Direct control ventilators run in an automated, smart way which, besides being unique, is beneficial. Air is either heated or cooled based on the prevailing season or condition. The conditioned air is then automatically introduced into your room to match the temperatures. Because the DCV also features a room air sensor, the people within are not perturbed by increased airflow. These automated series of actions run at low power compared to traditional systems. As a result, demand control ventilation systems aren’t clogging-prone. Thus, homeowners that want a fully smart system can leverage the capabilities of DCV by having a reputable air conditioner repair technician install one.


The direct control ventilation systems must be approved by ASHRAE 62.2 (Residential) and ASHRAE 62.1 (Commercial). ASHRAE is a popular organization that ensures indoor HVAC and AC systems are fit for use. These standardizations mean your direct control ventilation system has met the quality standards and safety levels to be used in your building. Besides, an air conditioner repair company can help you choose the right system.

Flexible Installation

One of the best things about the DCV is that it can be installed in buildings with traditional ventilation systems even though they were constructed in the past. Therefore, you should not worry if the building’s initial design did not account for such possibilities. With a few adjustments, a DCV system can be effectively installed in your existing building with the help of expert air conditioner repair professionals. They will even carry out any required measures to optimize the system to ensure your home is sufficiently cooled or heated.

Environmentally Friendly

Most systems using lots of resources typically have a high chance of harming the environment. The DCV uses less energy and resources than conventional ventilation systems, making it more environmentally friendly. These can be used with an economizer, like an HRV or ERV, to reduce energy usage further. So, if you plan to install a demand control ventilator, ask your reputable air conditioner repair technician about the possibility of installing an energy or heat recovery ventilator.

Enhances Productivity

Demand control ventilators allow the occupants to be comfortable and breathe healthy air. This helps avoid cognitive confusion normally caused by poor air quality. Therefore, it allows workers to perform at their full potential, students to be attentive, and members of your family to be comfortable.

Do you want a DCV installed at your home? Contact us at One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Phoenix today. Our professional technicians will even pair the unit with economizers like ERVs and HRVs. Call us now for a no-charge consultation.

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