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An air conditioner does more than cool your Paradise Valley, AZ home and filters the air to maintain a healthy and high IAQ. It also regulates indoor humidity, ensuring you don’t breathe too dry or too moist air. Hence, it removes moisture from the air. But moisture is water. So, where does this water go? This moisture flows into the condensate drain line that connects to the outside of your plumbing. Because of various factors like dust, mildew growth, or even the growth of algae, the condensate drain line will become clogged. An air conditioning service provider usually recommends routine maintenance to prevent this. However, there are some signs that your air conditioner might throw when the drain line is clogged, as we shall see later.

Why Does an Air Conditioner’s Drain Line Clog?

When your air conditioner evaporator coils remove the moisture from the air, that water collects in a pan and drains into the plumbing or outside through the drain line. This is usually a PVC pipe. Over time, dust may accumulate in the condensate drain line. Combined with the dampness in the pipe, this creates the perfect condition for the growth of algae. Hence, it is the algae that will make your drain lines clog. However, mildew growth and accumulation of dirt and debris can also contribute to clogging. To prevent this, you should have an air conditioning service provider come over for a routine inspection and maintenance of your AC.

Signs the Condensate Drain Line Is Clogged

Standing Water Around the Outdoor Unit

This is the most common sign. A clogged condensate drain line can cause standing water to pool around your air conditioning system. The condensate drain line removes the moisture collected during the cooling process. The water then flows through the condensate drain line and is directed outside your Paradise Valley, AZ home. However, if the drain line becomes clogged, this moisture has nowhere to go. When was the last time an air conditioning service provider inspected the condensate drain lines? If you cannot recall, now might be the right time to call a technician for a maintenance visit.

Besides making the spot ugly, standing water can result in several other problems. This standing water can lead to other issues, such as rust, which can damage the AC unit. Rust can corrode the unit’s metal parts and weaken them over time, making them less efficient or even causing them to fail. Standing water can also attract insects and other pests, leading to further problems. That is why you should call an air conditioning service provider immediately if you see that water pooling around your unit.

Full AC Drain Pan

The other telltale sign that the condensate drain line is clogged is when the drain pan becomes clogged. The drain pan is located beneath the evaporator coils inside the air conditioning unit. If the condensate drain line is clogged, the moisture collected during the cooling process may not be able to flow through the drain line, leading to a full AC drain pan. This can cause your AC unit to shut off as a safety measure to prevent water damage in your home. Have you noticed this recently? Immediately call your reliable, trusted air conditioning service provider for a deeper inspection.

Furthermore, if the overflow switch meant to prevent overflow from the drain pan fails to function correctly, this can lead to water damage in your home. This can be due to various reasons, such as an overflow switch malfunction, a clogged drain line, or an overflowing drain pan due to an excess condensate. To prevent further issues, it is important to keep an eye out for a full AC drain pan and to have it inspected by a professional air conditioning service provider.

Water Damage

Have you noticed that the art or wall paint near the drain lines is getting warped and moist? Contact an air conditioning service provider. This is because the clogged condensate drain line might be the culprit. If a clogged condensate drain line is not addressed in time, it can cause water damage to walls, ceilings, and other parts of your home. As the condensate drain line is clogged, the moisture typically flowing through the drain line will begin to back up. As a result, water may leak from the line, causing damage to the walls, ceilings, and other areas of your home. This can lead to mold growth, a serious health hazard, and a musty or moldy smell in your home.

Water Leaks from the Condensate Drain Line

A clogged drain line can also cause water leaks in various areas of your home. The leaks may occur in the attic, behind walls, or ceiling, leading to serious water damage if left unaddressed. A clogged drain line can also lead to mold and mildew growth. So, if you have noticed some damp spots on your ceiling or walls where the drain line passes, call a trained air conditioning service provider to inspect and unclog the line.

A Musty or Moldy Smell

Moisture and mold growth are related, as mold thrives in damp environments. If your AC drain line is clogged, the excess moisture that cannot flow through the drain line may lead to mold growth in your Paradise Valley, AZ home. This can result in a musty or moldy smell. It’s important to note that mold can be a health hazard. Hence, you should immediately call an air conditioning service provider to fix the drain line and remove the mold.

Be On the Lookout!

A clogged condensate drain line might appear non-harming, but it indeed is. Therefore, it is recommended that you have the drain line inspected by a professional when they come for a maintenance visit. Have you suspected that your condensate drain lines may be clogged and have noticed either of the signs above? Contact us at One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Phoenix immediately.

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