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Do you have a home cooling and heating system(s)? Then you need a thermostat. A thermostat is like the brain of your air conditioner. It helps you run your central, window, ductless, or ceiling air conditioners by sending instructions when cooling is needed. Thermostats are also critical in most home heating systems, such as heat pumps, HVAC systems, and furnaces. The main question is, can you have two thermostats within the same house? Any AC repair technician will tell you it is possible. A single home can have two thermostats. They connect to the HVAC system to ensure your home is comfortable by providing different temperature zones where required. This is essential to ending those thermostat wars at your home in Paradise Valley, AZ. But how does such a setup work? Continue reading to find out more.

What are Thermostats?

This device controls and connects to your central heating and air conditioning system. It is the device that you’ll need to change the system from heat mode to cool mode. Thermostats also make it easier to reduce, increase and even control the temperature settings at your home.

Analog or Dial Thermostats

These thermostats rely on two metal strips which form a bimetallic strip. This is made possible by lamination. Whenever the temperatures of your home change, these metallic strips contract or expand. As this happens, the heating and air conditioning unit goes off and on to warm or even cool your home. However, analog thermostats aren’t as user-friendly as the current units, which use digital controls to regulate the temperatures. Hence, if you have one, you probably should have it replaced by an AC repair technician.

Programmable Thermostats

This thermostat adjusts your home’s indoor temperatures according to pre-programmed settings. These settings come into effect at different times of the day. Programmable thermostats usually offer a pre-programmed setting that helps you regulate the temperatures. Ideally, the homeowners leverage the settings across the year, whether during the night or for improved comfort at their homes. These thermostats help at reducing energy costs. The key is establishing a program that automatically reduces the cooling and heating at your Paradise Valley, AZ home when you don’t need it much. You can use a thermostat calculator to see what temperature setbacks work with your family. However, you should hire a licensed, experienced AC repair professional for installation and a routine recalibration to ensure the thermostat sends the right signals to the HVAC system.

Smart (Digital) Thermostats

The other type of thermostat which you can leverage is a smart thermostat. Smart thermostats rely on electronic sensors which are temperature sensitive to control when your home should be heated or cooled. With smart thermostats, you can set the temperatures to the exact degrees and even time changes. These thermostats even have updates and alarms when the time for the technician to service the unit is due.

A smart thermostat will instruct the HVAC system to start heating your home when its geofencing feature detects you are near home. Hence, when you get there, your home will have comfortable humidity and temperature levels. Fortunately, you can easily change from an analog or programmable thermostat to a smart one. Do you need this change? Consult your heating and AC repair professional to check for the compatibility of your HVAC system.

Is Having Two Thermostats at Your Home Possible?

When it comes to the number of thermostats you can install at your home, there is no limit to the number. It all depends on the setup and zones you have at your home. Hence, you can have two or even more thermostats installed in your home and working simultaneously. If your home has a single thermostat, you can purchase a second one and have an AC repair technician install it. However, there are several critical points to note when selecting this option;

Type of Home

Do you live in a single-, two- or multi-story home? Do some sections of your home require more heating or cooling than others? The type of your home is critical in determining the number of thermostats needed depending on the energy demands. Hence, have an AC repair technician inspect it to determine whether an additional thermostat will help.

Size of Your House

Do you have a small or large home? Since a large home might require different temperature settings for the different rooms and levels, you should have an AC repair pro install an additional thermostat(s). Those with a small home can still do well with a single thermostat regulating indoor temperatures.

Zoning Needs

Do you plan to implement a zoned cooling or heating system at your Paradise Valley, AZ, home? There might be people at your home who have different temperature needs. To ensure they are all comfortable, you might have implemented zoning. In such a case, you should have the AC repair company set up thermostats in the areas where zoning is required to regulate the different temperature needs. This way, those on the upper floors can have cooler temperatures while those on the lower floors enjoy the heat.

Two Thermostats for One HVAC System, Is This Possible?

Installing multiple thermostats at your home is possible. You can even connect two thermostats on a single HVAC system, especially if your indoor space is too large. Cooling or heating vast areas requires more energy. Fortunately, even with only a single AC unit, you can have an AC repair technician for two thermostats. It makes it easier to regulate indoor temperatures at your home. Even air conditioning makes your life and your family’s cozier and better. Most homes with dual thermostats for a single unit normally have dampers, controls, and zone systems.

Two Thermostats? Yes, It’s Possible

Do you want to add another thermostat to your home for improved heating or cooling? Contact us at One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Phoenix today. We will also help you with anything else on AC services.

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