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Ductless air conditioning systems are energy-efficient and compact alternatives to conventional air conditioners. Also called ductless mini splits, these units give homeowners an affordable and convenient way to maintain comfortable indoor temperatures. Hence, if you have been experiencing high energy utility bills and your old AC unit, you should have an air conditioner installation technician replace it with a ductless mini-split AC.

However, even with regular maintenance and care, a ductless air conditioner might develop problems that need to be immediately addressed. One such problem is leaking. What makes ductless mini-splits leak? The main causes are explained below:

Condensate Drain Lines That Are Clogged

This is the main reason your ductless air conditioner might leak. The condensate drain line is responsible for emptying the condensate produced by your HVAC system into the drain pan and later into the outdoors. Whenever there is a blockage in the condensate drain lines, the water inside the drain pan will not be drained out. Rather, it will start backing up and later overflow the drain pan resulting in a leakage.

The accumulation of dust, dirt, and other debris within the condensate drain line is often a contributing factor to its clogging. Additionally, the drain tube may clog when greater pressure is applied, causing it to bend. By routinely having the pipe checked and cleaned, homeowners can prevent blockage of their condensate drain lines. Your HVAC repair technician can find and clear drain line obstructions before they worsen by scheduling maintenance at least every six months. Call a qualified air conditioner installation company if you discover leaks from your drain line.

Damaged Drain Pan

Your mini-split air conditioner’s drain pan may also be broken down, resulting in a leakage. The drain pan’s job is to collect moisture from your Scottsdale, AZ home’s warm air. It might become damaged when your mini-split air conditioner drain pan is exposed to different dangers, such as everyday wear and tear. The drain pan may corrode, rust, or crack as it ages. These could leave holes that cause water to seep out and collect on your floor.

If you don’t get professional help immediately when you find a leak, your air conditioner, and home could get moldy or sustain water damage. DIY fixes may result in additional damage to the drain pan. Thus, it is advised to hire an air conditioner installation professional to replace the broken drain pan.

Dirty Air Filters

When the air filters get dirty, your mini-split system may leak for another reason. A dirty air filter puts the effectiveness of other ductless mini-split air conditioner system components at risk. For instance, if the filters get dirty and dusty, the particles may get transferred to the indoor unit’s coils. The risk of evaporator and condenser coils freezing rises when the coils become clogged with dust and grime and lose their ability to circulate air.

As you are already aware, the ice & frost will combine as the coils begin to warm up again, which could cause water to flow down the walls or onto your walls. By regularly replacing and cleaning the ductless air filters, you may avoid such problems. Create a maintenance plan with your air conditioner installation technician to ensure that the air filters will be frequently replaced.

Ice-Covered Evaporator Coils

When dealing with ductless mini-split air conditioning system leaks, you should have the evaporator coils checked to see whether they are frozen. Inefficiently working evaporator coils will likely be ice-covered. When there is a temperature increase and the evaporator coils attain normal temperatures, the ice starts melting, resulting in water leaking from the unit. One of the causes your evaporator coils can stop working is because the coolant levels are lower than required. When it’s time to replace the refrigerant, an air conditioner installation technician can handle it without endangering anyone’s health or life.

Dirty filters might also lead to frozen evaporator coils. The proper operation of ductless air conditioners and avoiding component freezing depend on effective airflow. Your ductless mini-split air conditioning system’s air filters distribute air among the various parts of your Scottsdale, AZ home. Dirty or malfunctioning air filters will hinder airflow.

Refrigerant Leak

It’s only sometimes water that leaks from your mini-split system. In some cases, the refrigerant from your ductless AC may be coming out of the unit. If the unit’s refrigerant lines have developed unnoticeable holes, your HVAC system refrigerant may leak. The corroding of the indoor AC unit’s copper walls is the main reason for refrigerant leaks. Your mini-split system’s joints and connections may become corroded over time, weakening them and making it possible for refrigerants to escape. Also, leaks and problems may result from improper AC system installation or manufacturing flaws. Only air conditioner installation technicians should handle refrigerants.

Condensate Pump or Float Switch Damage

The condensate pumps are necessary for ductless air conditioners installed in basements or attics to effectively remove water from the unit. The float switch will activate with the pump when the AC condensate pump reservoir fills up with more water. Turning on the condensate pump will drain the water in your house. The float switch and condensate pump are essential for facilitating water drainage. Hence, you should retain an air conditioner installation technician to service these important parts.

Ductless mini-splits are a welcome development in the air conditioning industry. However, they are also prone to damage. Therefore, you should retain an air conditioner installation company for routine maintenance. Have you noticed that your ductless mini split air conditioning unit is leaking? Then there are the main reasons behind it. Rather than wait until the problem worsens, enlist the assistance of a technician for an inspection and repair. We at One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Phoenix advise you to call a technician whenever you notice the leaks immediately. Contact us today for professional air conditioner installation, repairs, replacements, and maintenance in Scottsdale, AZ.

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