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Normally, before starting an air conditioner installation job, any good technician inspects the system to ensure the HVAC units you have purchased are properly matched. This is partly why you must involve your technician before purchasing the AC unit. A matching HVAC system is recommended as it ensures the optimal performance of every working component. Some homeowners have incompatible HVAC systems. Hence, they regularly experience several issues and, at times, temporary system failure. In this article, you will learn some basics of matched HVAC systems and why you must ensure your HVAC system is matched properly.

What’s a Matched Heating and Air Conditioning System?

HVAC systems are usually designed for outdoor and indoor units. It ensures that all the air conditioning system components work properly and flawlessly. Whenever selecting an HVAC system, ensure you purchase one which is matched. Otherwise, your HVAC system will be working at a lower efficiency. This means you’ll be unable to maximize the system’s energy-saving benefits.

Furthermore, mismatched HVAC systems may not even work in some instances. Hence, you will be forced to call an air conditioner installation professional for a replacement. This usually arises when you combine a new system with an old one to save on some costs. Therefore, if you have to change one HVAC system component, you better change the entire system.

The Importance of Using a Matched System

A mix-match solution is great for some homeowners keen on saving cash. However, using a mismatched system may result in poor performance or even an entire system breakdown. To demonstrate why air conditioner installation and maintenance professionals emphasize installing a matched system, below are some facts you should know:

The Outdoor and Indoor Units are Designed to Work Together

All the components of an HVAC system are designed to work together in some specific manner. Therefore, all the parts should be compatible to ensure the system can efficiently operate and that your home is comfortably cooled or heated. If your air conditioner installation professional installs a mismatched system, this could mean your heating and air conditioning system will only operate at its peak efficiency if it runs. Ultimately, getting the components that need to be matched properly might compromise the efficiency and durability of your HVAC system.

A Mismatched HVAC System Will NOT Deliver the Rated Energy Efficiency

Different HVAC systems have a specific seasonal energy efficiency ratio or SEER. This helps the homeowners or other consumers better understand these products’ energy efficiency. However, remember that this rating is based on a matched system or specific combinations. For instance, if your air conditioner installation technician combines a new condenser of SEER 18 with an air handler intended to operate with a SEER 14 system, the HVAC system will not run at SEER 18. In such instances, the older unit with a lower SEER inhibits the older unit with a higher SEER. Additionally, the newer unit will eventually force the lower-efficiency older unit to work harder.

Installing Mismatched Systems Could Void Your Warranty

An HVAC system is not a cheap appliance. Knowing this all well, the manufacturers extend warranties to these systems. This means that should failure or damage arise within a specified period; the manufacturer will repair or replace a component free of charge. However, it is worth noting that manufacturers sell you a matched system. Hence, installing a different type of system or a mismatch could allow the manufacturer to void the warranty. If an issue arises in the future, you will have to pay for the repair from your pocket. Since some repairs or components are highly expensive, they could have a profound bearing. Therefore, ensure you have a matched air conditioner installation for your warranty to help you cater for any repairs which could be required in the future.

The Components of the HVAC System Must Support the Same Type of Coolant

Your air conditioning system’s cooling process depends on refrigerant. Your air conditioner would use R-22 refrigerant if you purchased it before 2010. R-22 is being gradually phased out in favor of the better R-410a, a more environmentally friendly substitute. Finding parts compatible with the Freon refrigerant may be challenging if you replace your R-22 system’s air handler or condensing unit. Given this, you might have to consider completely upgrading your system. As such, you should talk to your air conditioner installation technician about the best units out there regarding energy efficiency and environmental friendliness.

You Could End Up Paying Higher Installation Costs

The condenser and air handler could have been installed at the same time. This means you can safely assume they have been subjected to similar damage throughout the years. These components are interdependent, so if one were to malfunction at any point, the others would probably do the same sooner or later. You’ll spend extra money because you’ll need to call the air conditioner installation technician again if you only replace one damaged component at a time. Installing both units simultaneously is typically more cost-effective.

How Can You Tell Your HVAC System is Matched?

Ask your air conditioner installation technician for an AHRI reference number to see if you have a matched HVAC system. You also can ask for an AHRI certificate for certified product performance. If you do not allow access to either, look up your HVAC system using the model, manufacturer’s name, or even model number. It would be best if you noted that indoor and outdoor model numbers are different. The information will be printed on your HVAC unit or warranty and the invoice you received when you purchased the system.

Is Your System Matched?

Installing a matched HVAC system is essential. If you realize yours is not matched, you should replace it with another matched one. Contact us at One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Phoenix for a quality installation or replacement with a matched system. Call us now if you want to enjoy a free consultation and quotation.

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