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Overheating the air conditioning unit is a prevalent problem that some homeowners face. Unfortunately, most homeowners don’t know the signs, causes, or measures they can take to protect their air conditioning units from overheating. However, even without knowing the things that could make the air conditioner unit overheat, there are several things that you could do to protect your unit. Enlisting an AC repair technician is a good place to start. AC overheating is a problem during the hot summer months, and it can also happen in other seasons if the AC isn’t properly maintained. In this article, you will learn how a technician can protect an AC unit from overheating to keep your home cool.

Clean the Air Conditioning Filter

By the very nature of their work, the AC filters get clogged with dirt, pet fur, and other contaminants removed from the air. One of the most important things an AC repair technician can do to protect an AC unit from overheating is clean the air conditioning filter. A dirty air filter can restrict airflow, affecting the efficiency of your air conditioning unit. When this happens, your air conditioning unit will strain to cool your home.

Hence, it puts in more effort to reach your preferred temperature settings, exposing some of its components to damage. For instance, the motor will have to run faster, exposing it to friction. This makes the bearings overheat. A similar thing happens to other mechanical parts and, generally, the AC unit. However, you can avert this problem by having a routine air conditioning service. The AC repair technician will clean or replace the filters to ensure the air flows unimpeded. As a result, the AC unit will be effectively protected from overheating.

Maintaining Refrigerant Levels

As your AC cools your Paradise Valley, AZ, home, it removes heat from the air and transfers it to the outdoors. To do this effectively, your AC needs the right amount of refrigerant. If there isn’t enough refrigerant, your AC will have to work harder to remove heat, leading to overheating. However, it is worth noting that an air conditioner doesn’t use up the refrigerant. Hence, if the refrigerant levels are lower than required, there either is a refrigerant leak or the coolant wasn’t topped up properly.

The AC repair technician inspects refrigerant levels with a routine air conditioning service, among other activities. Should the professional determine a leak, they will patch it and refill the air conditioner. However, it is recommended that you hire experienced professionals. This will ensure that your AC runs efficiently and doesn’t overheat.

Cleaning the Condenser Coils

Do you have a window unit? Have you noticed birds or rodents nesting on the outdoor condenser unit or your window unit? That is a fire hazard waiting to happen. The birds or rodents use straws, twigs, grass, paper, and other forms of dirt and debris. These materials are placed on top of the condenser coils or the window fan louvers, preventing heat dissipation from the coils.

As the AC unit works harder to cool your home, the fins on the outdoor condenser fans overheat as the heat from the indoor air cannot be released to the outside. This has a direct bearing on your home’s cooling. An AC repair technician can help protect your AC unit from overheating by cleaning the condenser coils. Regularly cleaning the coils can help prevent this problem and keep your AC unit running efficiently.

Creating a Microclimate for Your Home

Heating and cooling bills are one of the largest expenses for many homeowners. In the summer, air conditioning can account for up to half of your energy bill. Therefore, it’s important to keep your AC unit running efficiently. One way to do this is to create a microclimate for your home. A microclimate is a small area with a different climate from the surrounding area.

Creating a microclimate for your home can keep your AC unit from working overtime and overheating. But how can an AC repair technician help you achieve this? Here are 2 ways they can affect a microclimate in your home:

  • Installing shading around your outdoor AC unit. This will help prevent the unit from overworking in direct sunlight. Hence, it won’t overheat and will effectively cool your home.
  • Add insulation to your attic and walls. This will help keep cool air inside your Paradise Valley, AZ, home and prevent heat from entering. Therefore, the air conditioner won’t have to work overtime to cool your home because the conditioned air will not escape.

The AC repair technician can also advise you to use caulk or weather stripping to seal any cracks or gaps around doors and windows. This will help prevent warm air from entering your home and make the AC work harder.

Coming for an Air Conditioning Service

As the temperatures start warming up, it’s important to ensure your air conditioning system is in good working order. To cool your home, the air conditioning unit must work optimally in warmer or hotter climates. However, if some of its components are faulty or failing, the unit might work harder to achieve the set temperatures. This might make the air conditioner overheat. One way to help prevent your AC unit from overworking and overheating is to schedule regular maintenance services. During a service visit, an AC repair technician will clean and inspect your unit, checking for any potential problems. They can also advise you on keeping your AC unit running efficiently, such as regularly changing your air filter.

Is Your AC Overheating? We Can Help!

One of the best ways of preventing overheating is to have an AC repair technician come over for routine maintenance. By scheduling regular maintenance service for your air conditioner, you can help prolong its lifespan and keep it running smoothly throughout the summer. For an air conditioning service in your Paradise Valley, AZ, home, contact us at One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Phoenix.

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