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Do you have any pets at your home? By the time you are planning to bring these furry friends, you ought to have done some research. Have you covered your furniture well? How will they be groomed? Is there enough space in your yard for the pet to play? Where will the pet sleep? You should answer these questions before you adopt or buy that dog or cat. However, most homeowners don’t consider the impact on their HVAC systems when purchasing a dog or cat. In this article, you’ll learn how pets affect your air conditioning system and the steps you might take to protect the HVAC system. However, having an air conditioning service done by a reputed AC repair company may be the best option.

Impacts of Pets On Your HVAC System

Pet Urine Might Prove a Serious Problem for Your HVAC System

The first issue you will have to contend with is the effect of urine on your HVAC system. If the condenser coils are exposed to the pet’s urine, they might start corroding. You might have to call an AC repair company for a premature replacement. To understand this problem, you must first know how an air conditioner works. The outdoor condensing unit cools the refrigerant flowing from the indoor unit. Compressors have metallic fins that increase the coil’s surface area to ensure it is more efficient. As a result, it can discharge quickly.

The metal fins will begin to rust when exposed to the pet’s urine. The unit will initially have to put in more effort to up for the rusted fins. Your bills will increase as a result. The coil will begin to leak as the corrosion worsens, necessitating the replacement of the entire outside unit. Fencing the compressor unit with metallic or wooden panels is a good place to start. Next, choose slatted or latticed panels for the unit’s sides. Before fencing a unit visible from a street, you might need permission from the homeowner or the homeowner’s association. Additionally, ensure that you contact an AC repair company on the possibility of having a routine air conditioning service.

Clogging Air Filters

If you adopt or buy a pet, you should know that they add extra dirt, dander, and fur into your indoor air. Once you turn on your HVAC system, the added pollutants will be pushed into the air ducts, clogging the air filters. So, why should it matter if the air filters are clogged? The air pulled into your Scottsdale, AZ home’s air conditioner is usually drawn via the air filter. When the air is clogged with debris and dirt, your air conditioning system has to put in extra effort to cool or heat your indoor space. This means it will use more electrical power, resulting in high energy utility bills. Have you noticed this in the recent past? You should have an AC repair company come over for an inspection and air conditioning service.

Besides increasing energy utility bills, this is an even more adverse issue. Some of its components will wear out if your HVAC system runs longer while straining. As a result, you might have to call an AC repair company for replacements and repairs in the future. Clogged air filters also reduce the air quality at your home as they cannot catch or trap airborne contaminants. Hence, always enlist an air conditioning service provider to clean or replace the air filters. They also might clean the air ducts if they are dirty.

They Bring Dirt from Outside

Giving your dog free rein to dig in the yard or use him as your jogging partner. He should exercise for his general health. Dogs, on the other hand, bring lots of dirt into your house on their feet and in their fur. The AC unit will suck in this dirt as it operates. The airborne dust will eventually clog the filters, though it might not happen immediately. Hence, ensure you also have a routine air conditioning service from a reputable AC repair company. During the visit, the technicians will replace the filters, perform a duct cleaning, and inspect your system to ensure everything is well.

Chewing Exposed Wires

Some pets, especially dogs and cats, might chew on the air conditioning wiring. Besides being damaging, this behavior is also dangerous because the exposed wires may result in electrocution or an electrical fire. Hence, ensure that an AC repair company sends a technician to enclose the wires to protect them from your furry friends. Additionally, get a routine air conditioning service to ensure that any exposed wires are insulated.

Clogging Your HVAC System’s Condensate Drain

In its operation, your HVAC system produces a condensate. This moisture is transferred from your air conditioner to the outdoors via a condensate drain. Unfortunately, the pet dander and fur may collect inside the condensate drain, making it clogged. When the condensate drain lines are clogged, the moisture will collect around your indoor unit, resulting in water damage. This is why you should have a routine air conditioning service to catch such issues before they exacerbate. Dust and vacuum your Scottsdale, AZ home frequently to remove any excessive pet hair. Additionally, enlist an AC repair company for frequent routine maintenance.

Ruining Outdoor AC Components

Some pets, especially birds, might nest in the outer components of your HVAC system. This not only may result in damage but also might cause a fire. As mentioned above, if your pets relieve themselves in the condenser coils, that might result in them corroding. Hence, have an air conditioning repair company send a technician to pet-proof your outdoor unit.

Pets are great companions. However, they have an impact on your HVAC system and your indoor air quality. Before you buy one, contact us at One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Phoenix, your reliable AC repair company in Scottsdale, AZ to have your system pet-proofed.

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