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Because of the recent government-mandated standards for efficiency, all new gas furnaces should have a draft inducer motor. Whenever the thermostat sends a signal to the furnace to start heating, the unit’s draft inducer motor starts to spin. This eliminates harmful gases like carbon monoxide produced during the earlier heating cycle. These gases flow outdoors via the chimney or the vents.

The burners ignite 30-60 seconds after the inducer motor kicks in. After this, the inducer motor will spin to give the burners a steady oxygen flow. The draft, which is created by the motor, is also critical for preventing clogging. Hence, the draft inducer directly impacts the furnace’s heating efficiency. Essentially, the inducer motor is a fan, a blower motor, and an electrical box. Though it is a relatively simple component of your furnace, it has the highest failure rate compared to other mechanical components.

A failing inducer motor, in most instances, reduces the furnace’s efficiency and creates bothersome noises. If the inducer motor completely fails out, then the furnace won’t be able to heat your home effectively. But what could make the blower motor give out? How can you notice that the furnace inducer motor has gone out? Below are some signs that it is time to call an AC repair company for a further inspection of the inducer motor.

A Vibrating Furnace Inducer Fan

Do you hear a vibrating and rattling noise from your furnace inducer motor? Then you should contact a heating and AC repair company in Paradise Valley, AZ for a further inspection of the inducer motor. In most instances, the noises may be caused by loose housing. When the inducer motor’s housing becomes too loose, a company professional will tighten it to ensure that the unit operates silently. The last thing you want is a vibrating or rattling sound at night or when you are trying to concentrate on something. This is among the issues the technician will address when they come for a routine heating and air conditioning service.

To repair the issue, the heating and AC repair company technician will turn off the furnace and disconnect it from power to ensure it won’t turn. Then, the professional will remove your furnace’s access panels, specifically the panel that will give you access to the furnace inducer motor fan assembly. After accessing the inducer motor assembly, the technician plugs in the furnace and turns it on, setting it to heat mode. They then listen to where the vibrations are coming from to identify the cause.

Remember that the inducer motor can become hot. If the inducer motor housing is the cause, the technician will tighten it or place a shim between the furnace cabinet and the inducer motor’s fan assembly to stop the vibrations. After establishing that the problem has been fixed, the AC repair company’s technician will put together the inducer fan and turn it back on to ensure that your home is heated efficiently.

Stuck Furnace Inducer Fan Motor

The other common furnace inducer motor problem arises when the component becomes stuck. This is a problem to have an AC repair company address promptly, as it could result in other potential problems. Though it might appear as a simple fix, don’t DIY. This is because the issue might be more entrenched than you initially guessed. You might have to replace your entire furnace inducer motor assembly sometimes, something that you most likely aren’t prepared for. Still, a heating and AC repair company technician in Paradise Valley, AZ is adequately trained to handle such issues.

The technician powers off the furnace to ensure that it doesn’t turn on while they are working. Then, they remove the access panels to access the furnace inducer motor or fan assembly. The professional then gives the motor a spin. During the manual spin, either of the following might happen:

  1. The motor might turn freely, meaning there likely is an electrical issue within the inducer motor. Hence, the technician will conduct further tests to determine the root cause of the problem.
  2. If the furnace inducer motor has lots of resistance or grins whenever you spin it, then debris must be lodged in it. The inducer bearings might also be bad. Have a heating and AC repair company inspect the inducer motor to determine the underlying problem.
  3. If your furnace inducer motor is stuck and spins freely, it might have a temporary motor “binding.” This normally arises when you turn on the furnace for the first time in the Fall. The motor will get stuck if it has not run for several months.

A Continuously Running Furnace Inducer Motor

Have you noticed that your furnace inducer motor is always running at all times? Then this is enough to call a heating and AC repair company for a further inspection. The issue might be caused by a tripped safety issue like the high limit switch. The limit switch is among the many furnace safety features that ensure it turns off after some time. It also might be because of a malfunctioning control board stuck in the “on” position, which continuously runs the inducer fan.

Whenever you notice this, ensure that you turn off the power to your furnace to stop the running of the furnace inducer motor. The inducer motor isn’t designed to run every time because it might get damaged. They will troubleshoot the furnace to check the cause of the continuous running of the furnace inducer fan.

Be Alert; The Furnace Might Have an Issue!

A furnace ensures that your Paradise Valley, AZ home is adequately heated during the winter to ensure comfort. However, it might run into issues that need the attention of a heating and AC repair company. One of the components that run into issues frequently is the inducer motor. Contact us at One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Phoenix for routine furnace inspections and maintenance.

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