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Your air conditioning system or the heater will likely come with a manufacturer’s warranty. After all, air conditioning systems aren’t the cheapest of things. A warranty agreement covers replacements, repairs, and certain parts. It guarantees to protect you from a faulty appliance and can save you a fortune over the service life of your air conditioner. However, every warranty has its preconditions that you must fulfill. One of the common things that might void the warrant is DIY air conditioner repair. It is always recommended that you enlist the help of a technician rather than repair it yourself. However, several common things may void your warranty agreement even if you do them inadvertently. This article will highlight the actions that you might take which might void your warranty.

Performing DIY Repairs and Maintenance

Homeowners can and ought to take a few actions to maintain the cleanliness and functionality of their systems. For optimum performance and maximal HVAC system efficiency, careful maintenance is essential. However, there are some tasks that you shouldn’t try to complete alone. This holds for both general maintenance and troubleshooting of heating and cooling systems. For instance, while you can change the air filter in your HVAC system and lightly dust various exterior and interior components, some sections are protected by a casing that shouldn’t be removed by anybody other than a trained professional. Your warranty will be immediately invalidated if any HVAC motors are removed from their covers. Your guarantee may not be valid if specified tasks are carried out by anyone who is not a certified air conditioner repair technician.

Not Registering the Warranty

Whenever you purchase an air conditioner, it will most likely come with a warranty. Unfortunately, some homeowners need to register their warranty agreements after having an air conditioner repair technician install new equipment. Whenever the products come with such guarantees, you might assume they are available and apply automatically. However, there almost always is paperwork that you must complete and then submit before the warranty becomes active. Hence, do not make the same mistake most homeowners make by tossing the power work in their drawers and forgetting to return it. Trying to complete the warranty several years or months after the appliance has been installed will be too late.

Online warranty registration is frequently quick and easy for Scottsdale, AZ homeowners. If you don’t do this straightforward step, submitting a request for repairs or replacement parts can be difficult. Even worse, your non-registered warranty can be void if you delay too long. Completing the required papers or online forms as soon as possible can best avoid the difficulties and delays that tardy non-registration or registration can bring about.

Not Properly Documenting the Air Conditioning Service

Reading the warranty agreement attentively is one of the best methods to prevent its nullification. The terms of HVAC warranties are far from one-sided. You must treat your HVAC equipment with a certain quality of care, just as you would expect the equipment’s maker to replace any defective parts and fix any issues caused by poor design or manufacturing. These services are beyond standard filter replacements.

You must adhere to any recommendations for routine inspections and tune-ups made by the manufacturer of your HVAC equipment. The only reliable way to demonstrate that you’ve kept up with these duties is to have all HVAC services fully recorded when submitting an HVAC warranty repair request. This is another compelling argument favoring ongoing HVAC maintenance with only licensed air conditioner repair technicians.

Incorrect Installation

A lot could go wrong during the air conditioner installation, especially if you don’t hire an experienced, licensed air conditioner repair technician. Hence, you should enlist a licensed professional to complete the installation project. This is a requirement of most HVAC manufacturers. Your HVAC manufacturer cannot honor the warranty if your unit or some components experience any damage during installation.

If parts of your air conditioning system are left out, or the installation has faulty connections, you will not get the warranty cover. In some instances, the air conditioner or furnace may not be under warranty if it is not of the proper size or concerns your Scottsdale, AZ home. Models which are too large or small for the area covered may prematurely break down. Hence, you will be able to avoid this and other problems by hiring the task to a licensed air conditioner repair professional.

Installing the Wrong Replacement Parts

The only components that you should install on your air conditioner are the factory OEM parts. Installing single off-brand parts can immediately void your warranty. This can happen even if the problem you submit the warranty agreement for cover relates to another component. Installing a non-compatible part or product that the OEM did not initially design might result in wearing out in other areas. This might also result in a reduced lifespan of your AC unit and outright system failure. Although it may seem cheaper to hire an air conditioner repair technician to replace the damaged components with off-brand parts, that could be the reason your warranty becomes void.

Skipping Annual Maintenance

One of the things that all companies demand is annual service, regardless of what the manufacturer of the cooling or heating equipment has prescribed for ongoing maintenance. More specifically, only qualified HVAC specialists are allowed to do this annual service. Working with air conditioner repair technicians licensed to work with that particular brand of equipment you own can even be vital in some circumstances. You may significantly reduce this expense and so increase your savings.

Owing to the cost of your air conditioning system, you should spare no effort in ensuring that the warranty remains intact. That includes hiring competent and licensed air conditioner repair technicians for maintenance, installation, or replacement. Do you need an air conditioning service in your Scottsdale, AZ home? Contact us at One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Phoenix.

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