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Are you planning to purchase an HVAC system, a furnace, a heat pump, or an air conditioner? The appliance’s energy efficiency is among the key considerations before placing the down payment. Unfortunately, many metrics are used for measuring the energy efficiency of all the above appliances, and each has a particular metric that measures the efficiency. When purchasing a furnace, the AFUE and BTU are important considerations. To ensure you buy the right system, you should always consult your heating and AC repair company in Scottsdale, AZ before purchasing a unit. The professionals from the company will consider either of the following metrics to help you buy an efficient system.

Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency or AFUE Rating

The AFUE measures the efficiency of a heating system’s fuel source over one year. AFUE rating is always a percentage; the higher the rating, the higher the system’s efficiency at converting the fuel into heat. For instance, if a furnace has an annual fuel utilization efficiency rating of about 90 percent, then only about 10% of the fuel goes to waste. The remaining 90% is used for heating your home. However, purchasing a furnace with a high AFUE rating is not the only way to ensure that a furnace will serve you with lower energy utility bills. Ensuring that a heating and AC repair technician services your unit will ensure that your furnace or heating source will serve you longer while ensuring that they have higher energy efficiency.

Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER)

SEER is similar to EER, but it considers the differing outdoor temperatures in the cooling season. SEER measures the overall cooling efficiency of an air conditioner and is also expressed as a percentage or a ratio. If the air conditioner or an HVAC system has a higher SEER rating, it has higher energy efficiency. A central air conditioning unit with a SEER rating of, say, 15 produces about 15 cooling units for each energy unit used in the cooling season. Thus, next time you are looking to install an HVAC system or an air conditioner, ensure that you install an energy-efficient one by choosing a unit with a high SEER rating.

Coefficient of Performance or COP

Are you planning to have an AC repair technician install a heat pump at your Scottsdale, AZ home? Ensure that you consider the coefficient of performance or COP. This is the measure of efficiency in a heat pump. COP is the value obtained by dividing the heat output of an appliance in BTUs by the input energy in watts. As with other units, it is also expressed as a percentage or ratio. A heat pump that has a higher COP has more energy efficiency. Thus, reliable AC repair technicians recommend that you install a heat pump that has a higher COP. This way, your unit will operate more efficiently, saving you on AC repairs and total operating costs.

Energy Efficiency Ratio or EER

The other measure that heating and AC repair technicians recommend that you consider before purchasing an air conditioning system is the energy efficiency ratio or EER. This ratio is the quotient of the cooling unit in British Thermal Units divided by the energy input in watts. This measure is usually represented as a percentage or a ratio. If a unit has a higher EER rating, then it has more energy efficiency. For instance, an air conditioner with an EER rating of, say, 10 produces about 10 units of cooling for each unit of energy used. On the other hand, if the AC has an EER of 8, it produces eight units of cooling for each unit of energy used. Hence, you should purchase a unit that has a higher EER.

British Thermal Unit (BTU)

British Thermal Units (BTUs) measure overall energy efficiency for those homeowners looking to purchase heating systems or furnaces. BTUs measure the heat energy that a heating system produces, like a furnace. For instance, a furnace with a heating output of 100000 BTUs can heat your 2000sq. ft. home while having 75000 BTUs can only heat 1500 sq. ft. home. British thermal units indicate the size of a heating system required for a particular home. Are you planning to replace your aged furnace or install a new one? Talk to your heating and AC repair technician about the right system for your home.

Heating Seasonal Performance Factor

Are you planning to purchase a heat pump system? Then you should consider the unit’s HSPF. This metric is calculated by considering the indoor temperatures during the heating season. If a heat pump or furnace has a higher HSPF, it has a higher efficiency than one with a lower efficiency. For Instance, a heat pump with an HSPF of 8 produces eight units of heat for every unit of energy it uses during the heating season. In contrast, a heat pump with an HSPF of 6 produces six units of heat for every unit of energy it uses during the heating season. If you have any questions regarding HSPF, you should consult your reliable heating and AC repair company for more information.

When in the market for a new cooling or heating system, AC repair technicians recommend that you consider the ratings above depending on the system you need. The technician can help you choose a rightly sized unit for your Scottsdale, AZ home, as they must measure the load. Installing a rightly sized unit is the beginning of ensuring that your home is efficiently cooled or heated. Besides saving you money on cooling or heating bills, this will also help reduce the carbon footprint and the environmental impact.

You should consider many metrics before purchasing a furnace, AC, or HVAC system. Hence, consult your technician to know which unit coincides with which metric. Contact us at One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Phoenix today for more information.

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