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Approximately 50 to 70 percent of the energy used in US homes is from cooling and heating. One of the significant causes of energy waste in most homes is inadequate insulation. A recent study shows that 90 percent of US houses are under-insulated, thus wasting energy and reducing homeowners’ comfort levels.

Correct insulation creates a heat seal, making it easier to warm your home in winter and cool it during summer. In hot summer months, the insulation halts convection and absorption of heat from outside to keep your home cool. It uses the same method during winter to retain heat from the furnace, keeping your house warm.

If your home has quality insulation, you won’t have to worry about high energy bills, and it will be cozy throughout the year. But, your home’s insulation can develop problems affecting your comfort and causing the HVAC unit to overwork.

When you suspect insulation problems, you should immediately reach out to an AC repair company in Paradise Valley, AZ. This blog will highlight issues affecting your home’s insulation.

Water Damage

Some forms of insulation, such as mineral wool and spray foam, are highly resistant to water. But when fiberglass and other common materials are exposed to moisture, they can be damaged.

Since water is a good conductor of energy, it will damage the insulator’s power to restrict heat conduction. Also, wet insulation can lead to structural damage because it causes rust on metal. It will even encourage the growth of mildew and mold.

Age, Tear, and Wear

The failure of insulation is a slow process. With time, your insulation degrades, resulting in less effective resistance to heat transfer. To solve this problem, homeowners in Paradise Valley, AZ, should replace their insulation.

In most cases, older houses tend to have worn-out insulation. Since the insulator degrades, you must regularly check insulation in areas such as the attic, ductwork, and basement. In case they need to be changed you can reach out to an AC repair company.

Moldy Insulation

Once your insulation gets wet, mold grows if water is not removed. Mold can quickly grow anywhere in your home where there is water damage, including under the roof, basement, or even within walls.

When your insulation is damaged by water, it tends to allow air and mold spores to move freely, creating drafts that result in uneven heating or cooling in your home. Mold spores can quickly spread in your home via poorly insulated HVAC ducts.

Mold poses a health threat to your family, especially to those with allergies and respiratory disorders. It also devalues your home. If you have a mold issue, you should hire a professional to remove it. After removing the mold, an AC repair company can replace the damaged insulation.

Pest Infestation

The fiberglass insulation is warm and soft, making it a suitable environment for unwanted animals. Rodents such as rats, mice, squirrels, and birds love to construct their nests, causing extensive damage to your insulation.

Older homes in Paradise Valley, AZ, have higher chances of the infestation since they tend to have gaps, cracks, and other openings on the exterior through which animals can get in.

Some of the common indications that animals have infested your insulation are the presence of animal hair, droppings, and pieces of fiberglass outside and inside the house.

To solve this, you’ll need to call an exterminator to get rid of the pests and then hire an AC repair company electrician to fix the damages and make proper replacements.

Poor Installation

You will likely encounter this if you do not initially hire a qualified AC repair company. If your insulation is not installed correctly, it cannot do its job effectively.

For instance, if a technician did not misalign or install the batt insulation directly against surfaces, it would not offer the R-value specified by the product. Make sure you hire a professional AC repair company expert with experience to avoid this problem.

Excess Insulation

Too much insulation can negatively impact your home’s energy efficiency. Putting a lot of insulation in your house is costly and increases the risk of mold growth. You’re mistaken if you think excess insulation can dramatically reduce energy bills.

Some significant indications of excessive insulation to watch out for include uneven heating or cooling of their house, high electricity bills, and drafts. If you are experiencing the mentioned signs, you should call an AC repair company to identify the extra surplus, remove it, and replace it with quality materials.

Insufficient Insulation

This is a typical case if you have blown-in insulation in your home. If you have trouble maintaining even temperatures in your home or your energy bills are ever rising, your house could have insufficient insulation.

This results in low R-value levels, which in turn denotes its level of resistance to heat transfer. It would be best if you considered hiring a local AC repair company to ensure the insulation in your house is sufficient.

Blocked Attic Vents Impeding Proper Airflow

It is essential to keep your attic well-ventilated. If the vents in your attic become blocked, there won’t be a proper flow of air in your home. This, in turn, causes the attic insulation to get into contact with moisture, causing mold and mildew growth.

Frequent Temperature Fluctuations

Usually, winters are pretty cold, and summers are hot, but there is a time when temperatures frequently fluctuate. Frequent variations in the weather can cause the insulation in your attic to expand and contract, damaging it eventually.

Contact One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Phoenix for Reliable Insulation Services

Some folks think poor insulation isn’t a big deal so long as they can cool and heat their home. But in the long run, they may end up with a faulty HVAC system as it has to overwork to achieve balanced temperatures in your home. Also, you may have to dig deeper to meet the high electricity bills.

At One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Phoenix, we have a team of insulation experts that can solve your insulation problems. Our AC repair company also installs and repairs heaters, ductwork, air conditioners, thermostats, water heaters, and furnaces. Dial our number right away.

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