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Are you planning to install an air conditioner at your home? That is a welcome initiative considering these units’ critical role in making your home comfortable. Staying in a cool home with a high IAQ can be fulfilling and refreshing. However, there is one thing that you also should consider including in your air conditioner installation; a surge protector. The power surge can often be so high that it might result in electrical damage, which causes the air conditioner to malfunction. Hence, it is critical to include a surge protector when installing an air conditioner.

However, you do not want to choose an ordinary surge protector. Rather, select one that can handle a large unit like your air conditioner. A reliable air conditioning service provider can help you choose a powerful enough unit. Below is a guide into the things to use when searching for a surge protector to use for your air conditioner installation.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Surge Protector for Your AC Unit

Joule Rating

Joule rating is one of the numbers to consider when choosing a surge protector for your Scottsdale, AZ, air conditioner installation. This rating determines how much energy the surge protector can take in. A surge protector with a higher joule rating will better protect your AC unit than that with a lower rating. As a generally accepted practice, the AC surge protector should have a joule rating of about 1000-2000. Surge protectors at this range will be reliable when using large appliances such as the air conditioning unit. The surge protector can be useful when using other electronic appliances, whether large or medium. Are you searching for a surge protector for the outdoor air conditioning unit? Then you can go with one with a higher joule rating than this. It means that the unit will be better protected.

Safety Rating

The safety rating is also important when selecting a surge protector for your air conditioner installation. Always check for the UL mark in every surge protector available in the market or retail stores. Specifically, you should look for the UL 1449 because it is the best UL rating for larger electrical appliances such as air conditioning units. Hence, surge protectors with this UL rating are the best option for those looking for the most reliable surge protector, particularly for the air conditioning system.

Number of Sockets

Different surge protectors have different numbers of sockets. Hence, you must find one with the number of sockets that meet your needs. These sockets might take up a large space when plugging the surge protector into your air conditioning unit. Consider the number or range of sockets your air conditioner installation might use before choosing or purchasing a surge protector for your air conditioning system.


The last thing to consider when choosing a surge protector for your Scottsdale, AZ, air conditioner installation is the warranty. You will never go wrong with a good warranty. The lengthier the warranty, the better. And yes, even with your surge protector, things may go wrong. Hence, you want to ensure that you find a surge protector with a long warranty to cover it for years. Fortunately, some retailers offer surge protector insurance to cover you when things go amiss. However, adding an insurance policy to the cost of the surge protector will raise the overall cost.

Why the Need for a Surge Protector for Your Air Conditioner?

Surge protectors protect even the most resilient appliances. Many appliances may malfunction after a power surge and won’t perform properly unless the damaged parts are replaced. Also, remember that replacement components and repair services will be quite expensive. A surge protector for the air conditioning unit will be your best line of defense to save time and money. An air conditioner installation’s surge protection unit will be less expensive than a potential repair bill. You’ll feel better after purchasing a surge protection device for your air conditioner.

Causes of Power Surges?

Voltage spikes that might happen suddenly are referred to as power surges. The temperature of the electrical circuits will rise as they pass through the wires and power lines. These circuits may eventually become unable to withstand the extreme heat and shut off. Most household outlets can take 120 volts of power. Some outlets can also handle 240V. However, keep in mind that if you connect something that would work best in a 120V outlet to a 240V outlet, the appliance’s parts risk being fried since the higher electric current will be too strong for it to manage. To ensure that your AC unit doesn’t fall victim to these voltage spikes, your air conditioner installation may recommend you install a surge protector. Below are the main reasons why power surges arise

Downed power lines: Power outages may result from downed power lines. It will also be able to generate power surges at the same time. These can happen due to bad accidents, weather, or poor repair work.

Thunderstorms: A single lightning strike has a significant impact, particularly if it strikes an electrical wire. Approximately a billion joules of electricity can be produced by lightning. This might be sufficient to make all the appliances in your house worthless. If you find that ridiculous, consider the possibility that any home within a 10-mile radius could have all of its appliances destroyed by surges that travel an additional mile. Lightning strikes remain a significant threat to air conditioners.

Random occurrences: These are occurrences that arise suddenly without prior warnings, such as atmospheric EMP attacks. They happen outside the accidents, weather conditions, and other events.

A surge protector is a critical preventative or protective component of your air conditioner. Therefore, ensure that you include it in your air conditioner installation. Planning to install an air conditioner in your Scottsdale, AZ, home? Contact us at One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Phoenix.

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