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Under the scorching summer heat, the air conditioner is your most important electrical appliance. It can help you get better comfort under summer’s humid, scorching heat. However, your air conditioner will only work best if you give it tender, loving care. One way to show your air conditioner loving care is by giving it a regular air conditioning service. However, there comes a time when general service doesn’t produce any visible results for you. It would be best if you considered giving your air conditioner a chemical wash in such a case. Chemical cleaning your air conditioning system can certainly give you a better result. However, some homeowners don’t choose this method as they don’t know when their unit needs it. This article will teach you when to have your air conditioner chemically washed, especially the evaporator coils.

When You Notice an Upsurge in the Allergy Cases in Your Family

This isn’t to blame for all the allergies your family members may be experiencing on your air conditioner. However, if you notice that the allergic reactions start only when you are in your home, it could mean the air conditioner is the culprit. Either the filters are dirty, mold growth or even pollen is finding its way into your living space. In such a case, having an air conditioning service provider give your air conditioner a chemical wash can help.

The allergies will normally affect you and your family due to dust mites, dirt, pet dander, pollen, mold, mildew, and other airborne microbes. If the air conditioner works properly and you change the air filters regularly, this shouldn’t be a problem. The unit should be able to filter the air and remove these contaminants. However, an upsurge of allergies in your home means the air conditioner isn’t working properly.

If Your Air Conditioner Produces Hot Air

Although the air conditioner has other responsibilities, such as regulating indoor humidity and filtering the air, its primary role is to cool your home. If the air conditioner isn’t performing its basic responsibility, it means an underlying issue requires an air conditioning service. But what if, even after the servicing from the technician, the air conditioning unit doesn’t produce cold air?

If this happens, that’s time to consider an air conditioner chemical wash, as it could resolve the problem. Cleaning the air conditioner filters and coils with chemicals eliminates dirt, mold, dust, and other depositions. This way, you can have the issues affecting your unit cleared. Hence, it would be best if you incorporated an air conditioner chemical wash in your periodic air conditioning service plans.

Whenever You Notice Bad Smells from Your Air Conditioner

The air conditioner sometimes smells very pungent when you turn it on, making your home uncomfortable. For instance, you might notice a rotten smell, indicating rodents and critters may have died in the air ducts. You also can notice a musty smell indicating mold growth in your home. To begin with, you must understand the type of smell emanating from your air conditioner to know where to target. For instance, a sweet chloroform-like smell means your unit has a refrigerant leak.

Having an air conditioning service provider inspect the system for the cause of the pungent smell and giving your unit a chemical wash can be a perfect way of eliminating them. An air conditioner chemical wash strikes the perfect blow to the mold and other smelly bacteria and fungi that could thrive in your AC unit.

When You See Water Leaking Issues

Does your air conditioning system leak water? That is a surefire sign of an underlying problem with your unit. Water leaks could mean the condensate drain pipe is clogged or that the drain pan is overflowing. Frozen evaporator coils or excessively sweating air ducts could also leak water from your AC unit. Leaks are a sign of a serious issue and an ingredient for even larger problems. Hence, it would be best to have an air conditioning service provider immediately inspect your system whenever you notice leaks. Since leaks can result in mold growth, giving the AC unit a good chemical wash can squarely deal with mold growth caused by these leaks.

If You are Getting a High Electricity Bill

What is the connection between an AC chemical wash and energy bills? If you are wondering about this, you aren’t alone. You should know that a few issues could reduce air conditioner efficiency, causing higher cooling utility bills. If you notice an increase in cooling energy bills and haven’t added new cooling spaces, that is a clear sign that you need an air conditioning service.

For instance, clogged filters, frozen evaporator coils, and dust-covered coils are some of the problems which will reduce the efficiency of your air conditioning unit at cooling your home. If the air conditioning service provider determines your air conditioner has such issues, they might clean it the traditional way or give it a perfect chemical wash. Regardless, changing or washing the filters and cleaning the coils is a way to enhance energy efficiency.

If You Notice an Ice Accumulation

You might notice an accumulation of ice on your air conditioning unit, especially on the evaporator coils. This usually arises when the evaporator coils are covered by dirt and dust, preventing heat transfer from the hot overflowing air and the refrigerant. Although this isn’t dangerous for your family, it affects your comfort and budget. Ice accumulation on your air conditioner may increase the electricity bills if not addressed by an air conditioning service provider. The technician first thaws the ice to remove it from the coils, and chemical washes them to remove any dirt and dust on the lines, allowing a smooth air transfer.

Giving Your AC a Tender, Loving Care (TLC)

Do you need an air conditioner chemical wash? Contact us at One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Phoenix for a professional service.

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