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The air filters are an integral part of your AC. However, some homeowners don’t appreciate their critical role in guaranteeing high-quality indoor air. All the air entering your indoor spaces passes through the filters. It is at this component that the contaminants are filtered out. However, the air filters can remove the pollutants from the air. They are also the first line of your air conditioner’s defense. Clogged filters are a significant cause of air conditioning unit failure.

There are many types of air filters available today. However, their prices differ based on their quality and the need for replacement. Expensive filters such as those with high MERV ratings and HEPA filters have higher efficiency in filtering air quality. Others, such as fiberglass panels, have a decent quality but should be replaced more often, unlike HEPA filters. AC repair service providers in Paradise Valley, AZ, can guide you in choosing the right filter based on your budget and need. But what are the benefits of replacing or cleaning the air filters regularly?

Improved Temperature Control

Improving the temperature control throughout indoor spaces is an essential benefit of a regular air conditioner filter replacement. Regularly changing the air filters allows the air conditioning system to operate more efficiently and provides sufficient cooled air to your home. With fresh air filters, air will flow freely within the air conditioning unit. This means that you will better manage and control the indoor temperatures.

Whenever high-quality air filters are paired with a thermostat, a homeowner can achieve their preferred temperatures and save a fortune on energy utility bills. The pair offers you a clever way of managing household expenses. Hence, have an AC repair technician replace your old thermostat with a smart one to enjoy these benefits.

Keeps Your Family Healthier

If the air filters are dirty, they will not effectively remove the contaminants from the air. Some contaminants will enter your indoor air via the air ducts and vents. Having an AC repair technician change the air filters regularly to remove any dirt or debris trapped on the AC filter. This allows the air to be sufficiently cleaned with more effectiveness as it moves through the newly installed air filters. It has been well documented that outdoor air is cleaner than indoor air.

Seeing that you spend more time indoors, that should be a reason enough to replace the air filters frequently. Otherwise, your family could suffer from inhaling contaminated air. Contaminated air could cause allergies, asthma, migraines, and other chronic diseases like cardiovascular disease. Hence, have the air filters changed regularly and have an AC repair technician periodically clean the air ducts to ensure your family doesn’t contract those diseases.

Extend the Lifespan of Your AC Unit

Regularly changing your air conditioning unit’s filters has another silent but critical benefit: increasing service life. Purchasing a new air conditioner is a sizable investment. Therefore, you want to ensure that your air conditioner will last to its entire rated service life and more if possible. However, this isn’t possible without regular maintenance, including replacing the air filters. If you do not maintain the unit, you might have to call an AC repair technician to replace it prematurely.

Whenever the air filters are dirty or worn out, your system works harder to push air through it. Unfortunately, this means that the system will use more energy resulting in high energy utility bills at the end of the month. If the debris or dirt has clogged the air filter and has no room to move, it might obstruct the air ducts.

Improving the Indoor Air Quality

Your Paradise Valley, AZ home’s air quality is influenced directly by the condition of the air conditioner filters. The primary function of an air filter is to clean the air flowing via the air ducts from the central air conditioning system. The air filter is made from fibers that are mainly composed of fiberglass.

These fibers capture the contaminants in your indoor air. Mold spores, pollen, dust, pet hair, and other contaminants are some pollutants that you might find in air filters. Hence, have an AC repair technician replace the filters regularly. If you have pets, replace the existing filters with ones with a higher MERV rating or HEPA filters.

Greater Energy-Efficiency

If the air filter is clean, they not only enhance your indoor air quality but also can help homeowners save on electricity utility bills. If the filters are clogged or dirty, the air conditioner will be forced to work harder to pump the air throughout your system. It means that the air conditioning unit will use more energy. Hence, you’ll have to pay more energy bills at the end of the month. However, having an AC repair technician regularly replace the air filters can save you a fortune. This is because the unit will not be using much energy.

Fewer Repairs Are Needed

Routine cleaning and maintenance of the air filters could save your air conditioner from unwanted harm. Preventing damage means averting costly repairs. Some air conditioning issues related to not replacing the air filters include excessive energy utility bills, the AC’s inability to sustain correct temperatures, foul odors, and strange noises from the air conditioning system. Old or clogged air filters exacerbate these problems. Any AC repair professional can change, install, or replace the air filters to protect your system from further damage.

Regular Filter Replacement With Experienced Air Conditioning Repair Professionals

How often do you replace the air filters? Do you have any pets at your Paradise Valley, AZ home? It is recommended that the air filters be replaced every 2-3 months. You can also install high-quality air filtration units such as HEPA filters and those with higher MERV rating. Fortunately, professional AC repair technicians can help you choose the right filters. Contact us at One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Phoenix for professional and reliable air conditioning repair services.

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