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A furnace provides an effective and reliable way of keeping your home warm during cold nights and winter months. Unfortunately, like any other appliance at your home, the furnace also may encounter occasional problems that require you to enlist the help of a heating and AC repair company in for troubleshooting and repair. The issues could arise because of a lack of furnace maintenance or even faulty parts. Other factors like leaky ducts and malfunctioning thermostats could also result in various other issues. While there are commonly known furnace issues such as cracked heat exchangers, leaky ducts, and clogged filters, there are other less known and equally damaging issues, including:

Frayed Blower Belt

The blower belt is a part of your furnace that makes the fans run smoothly. With time, the blower belt might become frayed because of daily use. It also may just slip off from its place. Are you hearing highly-pitched squealing noises from your unit? That is a surefire sign that the blower belt has slipped out of place or is frayed, meaning that you should have a heating and AC repair company send a technician for a further inspection.

Dirty Flame Sensor

If the flame sensor is dirty or faulty, it could malfunction the furnace by interfering with its ability to sense when a flame is present properly. But what is a flame sensor in a furnace? It is a small probe located near your furnace’s burner. The flame sensor also acts somewhat like a safety device to ensure the unit operates correctly and doesn’t generate harmful or toxic gases like carbon monoxide from incomplete combustion. However, when this component becomes dirty, it cannot accurately sense when the flame is present. This results in the furnace improperly working or even not working at all. To ensure this doesn’t happen, you should have a heating and AC repair company maintain the furnace. The technician will inspect the flame sensor and clean it if it is dirty when they come for a furnace tune-up.

Clogged Intake Vents and Exhaust

Another issue that could befall your furnace is when the intake vents and exhaust are clogged. When this happens, the air will not flow properly in your home. Unfortunately, this makes the furnace inefficient and most likely break down. Fortunately, this is an issue that you could avert by having a maintenance service from a reliable heating and AC repair company. This is because the clogging of the intake vents and exhaust is caused by things like snow, leaves, dirt, and even furniture items placed in a manner that covers the vents.

Worn-Out Ball Bearings

Regarding furnace maintenance, one critical element is mainly overlooked, the ball bearings. Have you enlisted a heating and AC repair company to service the furnace regularly? Ensure that the technicians check the blower motor’s ball bearings. But what could go wrong with them? Why are they this important? The ball bearings are what enable the blower motor to run efficiently. Unfortunately, they can also develop wear and tear with time, especially from a lack of lubrication or improper motor installation. This means that they will overheat and start grinding against each other. When you hear scraping sounds from the system, you should have a technician check them and apply some lubrication.

Gas Valve Malfunction

Did you know that the furnace gas valve could also malfunction? It could be clogged or even damaged. When the gas valve is faulty, it can result in different problems for your furnace, such as excessive noises, safety hazards, or even inefficiency. Additionally, insufficient gas supply into the furnace could result in improper or no ignition. Hence, the furnace won’t heat your home correctly, making it uncomfortable. Remember, faulty gas valves can cause an explosion or leak at your home. Hence, ensure it is checked or serviced regularly by a heating and AC repair company.

Insufficient Heat Output

As mentioned above, a damaged gas valve in the furnace can result in gas leaks. These leaks mean the furnace will not produce enough heat in your home. The furnace issue that could result in a lack of sufficient heat output in your furnace is incomplete combustion. When this happens, the furnace won’t heat your indoor air to the thermostat’s set temperatures. This means the furnace will blow cold air instead of properly warmed air. The technician dispatched by your reliable heating and AC repair company will check whether the registers are open, verify that the furnace is working and has power, and check thermostat settings for any needed changes or calibration.

Dirty Burners

The burners are the elements of your furnace that the flame rests on. The burners directly heat the air blown into your indoor space. When the burners are dirty, they can cause several problems for your furnace. To begin with, they will reduce their efficiency in heating your home, making it cost more and run longer. Further, the dirty burners will make the furnace produce soot. This soot can accumulate in the vents and ducts, resulting in health risks. They also might result in the overheating of the furnace, severely damaging the unit. Enlisting a heating and AC repair company to service the furnace and clean elements such as the burners would go a step closer to preventing this problem.

Ignition Problems

If the furnace doesn’t light, it can be because the spark igniter is broken, the gas valve is blocked, or there isn’t enough gas. Modern furnace models use electrical components rather than a standing pilot for ignition. Your furnace may regularly cycle on and off, provide little to no heat, or have an overactive blower if there are problems with electrical ignition. Have you noticed either of these issues? Then you should contact a professional heating and AC repair company to inspect further.

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