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The colder seasons bring inevitable subzero spells that make you happy you have heating in your home. However, what can you do when you need a heating tune-up fast? Scheduling heat tune-ups keeps your furnace ready for the chilly months. Make sure your system has been worked on by our professionals at least once per year so its performance doesn’t degrade due to lack of maintenance.

The One Hour Air Conditioning and Heating team in the Phoenix, AZ area is here to ensure your heating system remains in excellent condition all year round. We do this by providing heat tune-ups that include necessary checks like carbon monoxide safety tests for a gas unit.

Who Requires Heat Tune-Ups?

Our One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating pros advise customers that a heating tune-up is essential, no matter how old your home’s unit may be. The lifespan of your system can be cut by not having annual tune-ups. As with any technology, the more intricate parts are worked upon, they will wear out faster. To keep everything running smoothly and efficiently year-round, we recommend annual inspections for all our customers for heating tune-ups.

What Is a Tune-Up for Heating System Efficiency?

Heat tune-ups are more than just a visual inspection of your unit. They also include steps to clean and test it, which will help you maintain the best possible performance from the start until the finish.

You can expect tOne Hour Air Conditioning and Heating technicians to perform a 21-point tune-up on your heating system, which includes:

  • Check the carbon monoxide level in the air (gas unit)
  • Inspect the unit’s wiring and safety controls.
  • Accurately calibrate and test the thermostat’s functions
  • Filters should be inspected and cleaned.
  • Assemble the blower and oil the fan motor as needed
  • Several other things, too.

How Frequently Should I Have Heat Tune-ups?

The heating and cooling system in your home is like a car’s engine. If you don’t take care to keep it working at peak efficiency, problems will arise that can be expensive or even dangerous! Yearly heat tune-ups help ensure everything runs smoothly, so we recommend scheduling one soon.

The Advantages of Heat Tune-Ups

Heat tune-ups are a great way to keep your heating system running at its best. They can help prevent minor issues from becoming major ones. Here are just some of the many benefits that come with heating tune-ups.

  • Heating tune-ups save money on energy costs! When it’s cold out, the furnace breaks down, or something goes wrong with pipes under flooring, you’ll wish you had scheduled a tune-up.
  • This reduces potential hazards that could cause problems down the line (like carbon monoxide poisoning).
  • You’ll know if there’s an issue with temperature control in any area so that problem can be fixed before it becomes too big (and wasted money)
  • Better indoor air quality and climate control.
  • A thorough check for tightness and leaks will help prevent water damage to your home or business.

Benefits of Hiring a Professional To Do a Heating Tune-up?

Hiring a professional for an inspection is the best way to ensure your unit operates at peak efficiency. Even little things like dirty filters and clogged coils can wreak havoc on performance, so you must take care of this matter before anything else happens.

Heating your home is an essential service. However, it doesn’t have to be difficult if you let One Hour Air Conditioning and Heating help with a heating system efficiency tune-up! Our licensed professionals will also show tips on maintaining this vital component for all homeowners’ lifestyles to ensure maximum comfort year-round without breaking down too often or productivity loss due to an unwell unit.

Heating Tune-Ups in Phoenix, AZ

The time to invest in your home’s heating system is now! Don’t let expensive repairs or unnecessary expenses spoil all that hard work. Contact Hour Air Conditioning in Phoenix, AZ, and the surrounding area for help with a routine maintenance service today. With our affordable rates, we can even have you back up and up and running quickly, so call One Hour Air Conditioning and Heating before it gets too cold out – there’s nothing worse than coming home from work freezing solid because no one fixed their broken HVAC unit before the evening came around.

The right heating system makes life easier. Contact us to keep yours working like new by scheduling an appointment at One Hour Air Conditioning and Heating.

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