Heros Club


If YOU are a resident of Las Vegas, Phoenix, Prescott, and Mohave County, including Kingman, Bullhead, and Lake Havasu, or the surrounding areas, and you are Police, Fire, EMT, Active-Duty United States Military or a Veteran, you are eligible to receive a Heros Club Membership (with all the perks) for FREE!

The Heros Club is our small way of saying Thank You to the people who keep us all safe.

Included in your FREE Heros Club Membership:


  • 15% off all parts and repairs
  • Annual Cooling system checkup
  • Annual Heating system checkup
  • Up to $500 towards your next replacement
  • Priority service scheduling when you call on us
  • 24/7 Emergency service at no extra cost



If you are a resident of Las Vegas, Phoenix, Prescott, and Mohave County, including Kingman, Bullhead, Lake Havasu, or the surrounding areas.



If you are currently serving in the United States Military or Reserves or are a Veteran.

First Responders

If you are currently employed as a Police Officer, Fire Fighter, EMT, or First Responder.




In addition, this membership will transfer to your spouse as a benefit so long as your spouse owns the house.

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