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Do you have an HVAC system installed at your home? Or are you planning to install one? If you do, you know there are many accessories you can pair it with to make your installation more efficient. One of those accessories is the heat recovery ventilator (HRV). An HRV is among the most iconic and perhaps visible features of any super energy-efficient Paradise Valley, AZ home. The HRVs remove the stale air from your home and replace it with pre-heated outdoor air. The result? Lower energy use and better IAQ than in traditional homes. A heat recovery ventilator is itself simple. It is an airtight box with a heat-exchanging core that transfers the heat from your indoor air to the outdoor air as it passes. Two small fans aid the air movement through the box. So, why should you enlist an AC repair technician to install an HRV for your HVAC system?

Reduced Energy Consumption and Greenhouse Gas Emissions

In traditional heating and air conditioning systems, fresh air is brought outside, and the stale exhaust is released. Unfortunately, this results in energy wastage as the heat from the exhaust air goes unused. When an AC repair technician installs an HRV system, the heat from the exhaust air is captured and used to warm the incoming fresh air in a heat recovery process. It can help reduce the need for extra heating, lowering energy costs and reducing the emission of greenhouse gases. Do you want to reduce the energy required to heat your home? Enlist an AC repair technician to install an HRV system. Such a system can reduce the energy needed to heat a building by thirty to fifty percent. As a result, you’d see a significant reduction in energy costs and greenhouse gas emissions. Additionally, having an AC repair technician install an HRV can reduce the load on the HVAC system, which can help extend the equipment’s life and lower maintenance costs.

Reduced Moisture Levels and the Risk of Mold and Mildew Growth

The humidity levels in any building can result in mildew and mold growth, causing many health problems for the occupants. This could also damage the structure. Mold and mildew usually grow on damp surfaces such as walls, ceilings, floors, or even within an HVAC system. If exposed to mold, you could develop allergic inflammations and respiratory and other health problems. Fortunately, you can tackle the issue of mold growth by enlisting an AC repair technician to install a heat recovery ventilator. HRVs reduce the moisture levels in your Paradise Valley, AZ home by extracting the hot, humid air indoors and replacing it with fresh, dry air from the outdoors. HRVs use heat exchangers for transferring heat from the exhaust air to the fresh incoming air. Are you experiencing mold problems with your HVAC unit? Enlist the assistance of an AC repair technician to clean mold and also consider installing an HRV system.

Improved Air Circulation and Increased Ventilation Rate

Another reason to enlist an AC repair technician and have them install an HRV is that it will increase the ventilation rate and improve the air circulation in your home. Doing this helps reduce the spread of allergens and pollutants, improving the IAQ and reducing the risk of contracting respiratory diseases. The improved air circulation that the HRVs bring about can help in keeping the temperatures of the building at a more consistent level, increasing the comfort of the tenants or occupants. It also can bring in fresh air and expel the stale air from your home. The accumulation or buildup of allergens and pollutants such as pollen, pet dander, dust, and smoke is inhibited. This improves the IAQ, reducing the risk of contracting respiratory diseases. Do you have an asthmatic family member? Ensure that you install HEPA filters and compliment your HVAC system with an HRV system.

Increased Flexibility in the Design of HVAC Systems

The AC repair pro can also integrate your heat recovery system with other heating and air conditioning equipment, offering increased flexibility in the design of an HVAC system. Doing this ensures that your system is tailored to the specific needs of the building and the occupants. A system with a lower ventilation rate could be more appropriate for buildings with fewer occupants. The HRV may be connected with equipment such as furnaces, air conditioners, boilers, and heat pumps to provide a cost-effective and more efficient solution for cooling and heating your home or rental apartments. HRV systems can be used in new construction and retrofit projects. When used as such, they provide increased flexibility in the design of the heating and air conditioning system.

Cost-Effective Solution to Improve the Energy-Efficiency of Buildings

Investing in a heat recovery system can be a cost-effective solution to improving the energy efficiency of your home’s cooling and heating. However, the cost of installing an HRV may vary based on the type and size of your Paradise Valley, AZ home. Still, the benefits of lower energy utility costs and a reduced impact on the environment can make this a worthwhile investment. Your family members or tenants will see improved indoor air quality and comfort.

By enlisting an AC repair technician to install an HRV system, you will notice reduced energy costs at the end of the month. This might result in a sizeable reduction in utility bills that will help offset the cost of the entire system. Further, an HRV reduces the load on your HVAC system, helping extend the life of your equipment and lower maintenance costs. Additionally, buildings that must meet energy efficiency standards, such as LEED, BREEAM, and Passivhaus, may require a heat recovery system to achieve the certification.

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