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Heating systems are a crucial part of many households, particularly those living in cooler climates or even during the winter. Modern homes often have air ducts, meaning heating them is usually easy. The AC repair company only has to install the heater and connect them to the air ducts. However, some historic houses are too old and don’t have air ducts. Because of the high cost of installation, the hassle of renovations, and to preserve prestige, owners of such homes often need heating systems that will only require air ducts. Are there any heating options for Paradise Valley, AZ homes that don’t have air ducts? Yes. Below are some of the heating options that you can leverage.

Hydronic or Radiant Heating

A hydronic heating system is a unique type of heating system that can be installed in wall panels or underneath floors. As the name implies, it uses heating pipes or hydroponic tubes to diffuse warmth throughout a room. These systems use water warmed through a water heater unit and can be powered by various sources such as electric power, gas, solar, propane, or wood. One of the main advantages of having an AC repair company install this type of system is that they are perfect for homes without ductwork. They retain heat for longer, even after the boiler has been turned off. This means that the water in the pipes remains hot, keeping your home warm without needing extra energy.

This system’s only drawback is that it can be challenging to install in existing homes. For example, installing a radiant heating system may require access to the underside of your home’s flooring, which can be a significant undertaking and result in extra work and costs. This is where hiring an AC repair company comes in handy, as they can handle the installation process with ease and expertise. They can also help you decide if this heating system is right for your home and is worth the investment.


Another heating system option an AC repair company in Paradise Valley, AZ may install in your ductless home is baseboard heaters. These systems utilize conventional heat to warm various parts of your home, and depending on the type of baseboard heater, you can choose to heat the entire house or specific sections. There are two main types of baseboard heaters: electric and hot water. Electric baseboards use electric current to heat the air, which is then distributed into the room through fins. These heaters are particularly useful because they can be placed in different rooms, allowing for varying temperature control for each room.

Hot water baseboards function similarly to electric baseboards, but instead of using electric current, they use hot water as the heat source. They are connected to a boiler, which enables them to heat the entire house through a network of pipes. This makes them ideal for heating large spaces or houses with a consistent temperature. Hence, consult your reliable AC repair company about installing a baseboard heater if your home doesn’t have air ducts.


Radiators are a great option an AC repair company may install in your home without ductwork. They work by drawing heat from hot water or steam and using it to warm the air in the room. They do not require electricity and do not need a ductwork system. Radiators are typically made of metal, a good conductor of heat. The hot water or steam is directed towards the radiator through pipes, heating the exterior fins of the unit, which then warms the surrounding air. As the air heats up, it rises, and the colder air falls to the bottom, allowing for the natural circulation of warm and cool air. This process does not even require a blower. Radiators are an effective and efficient way of heating a home without needing costly ductwork installation. However, they still need routine maintenance by an AC repair company.

Ductless Heat Pump

Ductless heat pumps, also known as mini-split heat pumps, are a great option for homeowners looking for heating and cooling systems without ductwork. These systems have a condenser and compressor element typically placed outside the home. During the cold season, it pulls in heat from the warm air outside and pushes it into the home, where the temperatures are cooler. This means that it doesn’t require an electric heater or boiler, as it absorbs heat from the air outside. It can also act as an air conditioner, making it a great option for those looking for air conditioning options for homes without ductwork. One downside of this system is that the air-handling element is large, and it may be ineffective when the temperature falls below -10 degrees Celsius. An AC repair company can help you decide if this system suits your home.

Electric Space Heaters

An electric space heater is an affordable heating option for homeowners who do not reside in extremely cold conditions. These heaters are plug-in or portable and can be moved around the house, offering targeted and controlled heat within minutes after being plugged into an electrical socket. Electric space heaters use electric current to heat a coil, which then warms the surrounding air. An inbuilt fan then blows this warm air into the room. They are great temporary solutions but can only partially be relied on to heat an entire house throughout the winter. Some models even have cooling fans, making them an excellent option for an air conditioner without ductwork. Hence, if you are looking for a more modern option, consult your trusted AC repair company in Paradise Valley, AZ about using an electric space heater and the right capacity for your home.

If your home doesn’t have air ducts, there are other heating options that you can leverage. Contact us at One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Phoenix to have either of the above units installed at your home.

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