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Are you thinking about what kind of AC system to select when your current system needs replacement? While they’re taking care of your repair and maintenance needs, our One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Phoenix technicians can answer questions about new technologies. They’re fully trained and experienced with new systems including variable speed and two-stage compressors, heat pump systems, and ductless mini-split systems for AC replacement or supplemental cooling. As the professionals who know your Scottsdale, AZ home’s cooling needs best, they can address any concerns you have about your current system’s effectiveness or energy costs. The customer service professionals at our AC repair company can provide additional information about system configuration, additional features or ductwork designs and repairs, costs, and anticipated energy savings.

We’ve Expanded Our Skills to Cover a Wide Variety of HVAC Equipment

The HVAC field has evolved significantly in recent years, and our AC repair company has grown as well. Our team stays up to date with a range of advanced residential AC systems, many of them inspired by principles in use for commercial properties. As in many fields, technology is changing the way basic physical principles are applied. In our field, careful management of cooling systems helps apply exactly the amount of cooling needed, varying the compressor operation to match. In the past, as you’re probably aware, cooling was mostly an on and off process, which resulted in blasts of cold air in many homes until the temperature was at the desired level. Now, newer AC technologies that our AC repair company works on are quieter, use less energy, and even last longer because they use a more delicate touch to cool. If you invest in one of these systems, you can be sure that we’ll provide repairs and maintenance with a full understanding of how they work. It keeps us actively learning and training on new equipment!

When It’s Time for AC Replacement, You’ll Have a Lot of Questions

HVAC equipment has changed a lot in recent times, with a heavy emphasis on energy efficiency that makes even a routine replacement a win in most cases which is reflected on your bill. When you’re thinking about replacing your AC, the reason could be that it’s getting older and less reliable, the performance is degrading and there are no acceptable solutions, or you’re interested in increased efficiency right away. Our AC repair company team can answer questions when we’re there in Scottsdale, AZ to find a refrigerant leak, perform routine maintenance, or install a new thermostat. Our hands-on experience with generations of cooling equipment can lead to some interesting conversations and good advice specific to your home. For longer conversations, contacting AC repair company customer service for a consultation is a great idea. You’ll have your new system for well over a decade in most cases, and both your energy usage and comfort will benefit from your informed decisions.

Fixing Your AC Focuses on Keeping It Efficient, Long-Lasting and Reliable

When we respond to a service call where your AC is down or struggling, we’re there to get you comfortable again as a priority. The options we present to solve your system’s issues are designed to minimize repeat visits and get to the root of any problems that it has. We may suggest a cleanup of your condenser or evaporator coils for a likely boost in performance. Our technician may recommend a quick scan with our equipment to detect possible refrigerant leaks which affect performance and longevity. We’ll probably remind you to keep changing that air filter because it makes a big difference in so many ways! If testing reveals a fan motor that’s drawing more power as it wears out, that may be on our list as well. It’s your choice what gets attention now, but at least you know. By the way, on maintenance visits we often identify issues like these as well, keeping you up to date on your system’s needs so you can plan.

Warm Spots, Duct Pressure, and Airflow Issues

Do you know how an airplane detects its airspeed, with a tube that senses airflow? There’s an instrument we can use that employs similar technology to measure wind currents in your home. That helps our AC repair company team to see how your vents are working by checking for airflow across the room. Air balancing is an important service for getting the best results from your AC and making sure you don’t have warm spots where cooling doesn’t flow. Our team also checks for essential pressure values in your ductwork, especially if your system performance isn’t as it should be. There may be duct issues, or damper problems. When you select a new system, it’s important that the pressure and airflow in the ductwork is right for the system’s design parameters, both for performance and long-lasting service.

Air Quality Issues

Our AC repair company also installs and maintains air quality features like HEPA filters and humidity control. These days, people are seeing the EPA estimates that indoor air can be 2 to 5 times more polluted than outdoor air, with all the sprays, airborne particles, cleaning products, cooking, and so many other ways material gets airborne and circulates. Managing your air quality also handles city pollution and wildfire smoke that gets inside.

Your Air Conditioning Experts with the Latest Information and High-Tech Skills

At One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Phoenix, we’re your AC repair company of choice for the 21st century. Our team is experienced with the new, highly efficient compressor technologies and related control systems. We can also help you live with today’s air quality challenges, save on your energy bills, and keep your system running well as long as possible. When it comes time to make an AC change, you’ll love our knowledgeable AC repair company team in Scottsdale, AZ. Call One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Phoenix for responsive, expert service and answers to your AC technology questions!

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