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Generally, air conditioners run on electricity, although there are units powered by other means. They also heavily rely on a refrigerant, also called a coolant. The refrigerant is the substance of your air conditioner that creates that cooling effect by eliminating the heat from the indoor air. Hence, no air conditioner can run without it. Although your air conditioner doesn’t use up the refrigerant, it isn’t uncommon for its levels to decrease. It happens especially when the AC has a coolant leak. Hence, it is important to know the signs of a refrigerant leak. However, if you have a maintenance plan, your AC repair company will catch it early. So, what are the signs of a refrigerant leak? Below are the main indications that your AC is leaking the refrigerant

Low Cooling Performance

One of the core functions of an air conditioning system is to cool your home. Therefore, achieving your preferred cooling is critical. During summer, cool indoor temperatures make your home comfortable and inhabitable. However, the air conditioning unit might take longer to cool your home during the summer. However, if you notice that the air conditioner is taking too long to cool your home under normal circumstances, something within it might be amiss.

Low cooling performance is among the most telling signs that the refrigerant levels in your air conditioner might be low. Hence, whenever you notice that the AC unit is taking longer to achieve the temperatures you’ve set on the thermostat, that is a cue that you call an AC repair company. The low cooling performance also means that your unit will use more electrical energy, translating to a higher utility bill at the end of the month.

AC Vents Are Blowing Warm Air

Is your air conditioner releasing warm air? You look forward to that, especially during hot Paradise Valley, AZ summers. As it is, the weather must be already uncomfortable and hot; that was why you turned on the AC to get some relief. Although there are many reasons why the air conditioner might be blowing warm air and not effectively cooling your home, one of the preeminent reasons for this could be a coolant leak. Refrigerant leaks will result in low levels of this essential substance in your AC system.

The purpose of refrigerant is to absorb the heat from your house to the outside. Your AC won’t be able to absorb enough heat during a cycle if there is insufficient refrigerant. As a result, heated air will be blowing from the indoor air conditioning unit vents. It is important to check the filter first before calling your reliable, local AC repair company. Your air conditioner may not function properly if the filter is covered in thick dust. Check it out. If the air conditioner is still blowing warm air after that, the refrigerant levels are probably low. Only after that should you contact a reliable and trustworthy air conditioner professional to get it inspected.

Your Air Conditioner Produces a Hissing Sound

Except for the coolant storage, not many parts of your air conditioner or issues with your unit make it produce a hissing sound. Therefore, there most likely is a leak somewhere if you do hear bubbling or hissing. When there is a gas leak, you can also hear a hissing sound coming from the ducts where there is a leakage. Getting your air conditioning system fixed immediately after you notice a hissing or bubbling sound should be your top priority. Refrigerant gas carries health dangers in addition to being bad for the environment.

Enlist a reputable and licensed AC repair company to inspect the unit for the leak. An experienced technician should locate the coolant leak, empty the remaining coolant, patch the leakage, and finally refill the refrigerant to a good level in your AC system. Inexperienced technicians refill the coolant to the brim, resulting in various issues related to overcharging the air conditioner with the coolant. That is why you should only hire reputed and licensed professionals.

The AC Isn’t Reaching Your Thermostat Set Temperatures

Have you already set your preferred temperatures on your thermostat, but it seems like the AC unit cannot reach it? Then that should be a cause for concern enough to call an AC repair company. This indicates that the air conditioner does not have enough power to cool your indoor settings. A lack of cooling power is among the surefire signs to check the coolant levels. Although other issues like air leaks might cause it, a low coolant level also can cause a decline in the cooling efficiency.

It will leave your air conditioner straining to cool your indoor air. This results in some components heating up and others being exposed to wear and tear. Another negative effect of this is high energy consumption. Conserve the environment by keeping your energy bills low. Contact an AC repair company in Paradise Valley, AZ, when you notice an increase in cooling energy utility bills.

Ice or Frost Formation in the Evaporator Coils

Have you noticed ice forming on the unit’s evaporator coils? That is a cue that the unit is low on refrigerant. Have an AC repair company come over and inspect your unit for refrigerant leaks and patch them, if any. When the refrigerant levels lower, frost or ice starts forming on the AC unit’s evaporator coils. Switch off your air conditioning, and look for any water leaks around the unit. If there’s any, it may indicate that ice has formed elsewhere in the system. However, there are several potential causes of an air conditioner leak. Your AC repair company can precisely diagnose your issue and undertake the required fixes.

Have you noticed any of these signs of refrigerant leaks in your Paradise Valley, AZ, home? Contact us at One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Phoenix, your reputed AC repair company.

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